Thursday, 4 April 2013

H1B And Immigrants

In what considered as an effort to streamline visa policy US have this time introduced granting H-1B visa through lottery system from this year. If the reports are any indication it would be taken up after consulting companies. If the lottery system takes shape, this would be the first time when thousands of H-1B aspirants will be trying their lack but a computerized draw.

Interestingly even citizenship and immigration services are expected to fill the H-1B cap in the first five days itself. It is also believed that the USCIS can grant 65000 H-1B visas. Along with this, a good of 20000 H-1B visas will be rewarded for pupils carrying their masters or higher degree from US educational institutions

Even though the congress increased the cap to 195000 from between 2001 to 2003 for some reasons it didn’t not reach. The USCIS further believes that it may receive more petitions than the H-1B cap. It further said that in the event that the USCIS receives more petitions than the cap then they may be going in for lottery system to randomly pick the number of petitions that in a way can help them reach the cap.

USCIS also said it plans to reject the petitions that are subject to the cap and don’t fulfill the requirements. Immigrants in America have been a part of the American growth story.  Whether it is Google, Intel, Sun, Yahoo all have one thing in common, they have all been founded by immigrants It may not come as a surprise that more than half of Silicon Valley’s companies have been founded by the immigrants, so that speaks volumes about their spirit of entrepreneurship. H1B visa has been instrumental in encouraging immigrants to play a bigger role in the growth story of America.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

China's air pollution is causing millions of premature deaths

Out of doors the actual environment led to at least one. a couple of million early demise within The far east really, practically forty five percent from the global overall, according to a brand new overview connected with files from a study about foremost causes of death throughout the world.

Decided yet another technique, the actual analysts explained, China's cost by carbon dioxide ended up being losing 25 million balanced several years connected with life on the human population.

The information which the actual analysis is based was shown inside the committed 2010 World-wide Problem connected with Disease Research, which was printed within 12 inside the Lancet, a English professional medical diary. Your writers decided to use numbers for particular nations around the world as well as found the actual results in overseas conferences. Your The far east studies ended up offered by a community within Beijing about Sunday.

"We have been coming away the actual India- as well as China-specific numbers, because they converse a lot more straight away to country wide market leaders than regional numbers, inches explained Robert O'Keefe, the actual vice chief executive from the Wellness Consequences Initiate, a research firm that is certainly helping found the research. This company can be to some extent borrowed by means of the united states The environmental Safety Organization plus the global motor vehicle market.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bill introduced in US to eliminate abuse of H-1B visa programme

viswa mandalapu news

A top American Senator has introduced the legislation that she claims is targeted at eliminating fraud and abuse on the H-1B visa process, but provisions of which would ensure it is tougher with regard to Indian-Americans to get this well-liked work visa.
Among other items, the H-1B and L-1 Visa Change Act associated with 2013 makes sure that an H-1B software filed by simply an supervisor that employs 50 or more US workers will not be accepted except the supervisor attests that a lot less than 50 percent of this employer's employees are H-1B and L visa holders and cases.
The legislation, introduced by simply Senator Place Grassley, Ranking member of the Chair for economic council Judiciary Panel, makes reforms to improve enforcement, modify wage specifications and guarantee protection with regard to visa holders and cases and American workers.
"Somewhere across the line, this H-1B process got side-tracked. The process was never supposed to replace qualified American workers, but it turned out instead intended as a way to fill gaps throughout highly specialised regions of employment. When times are tough, like they're now, it's in particular important that will Americans obtain every factor before a great employer looks to hire from overseas, " Grassley mentioned.
"The legislation will gain the American worker, while still making sure US companies get the specialised workers they need, " he added.
The H-1B and L-1 Visa Change Act needs all companies to generate a good trust effort to hire Americans primary; requires possible H-1B business employers to checklist available positions with a Department associated with Labor subsidized website for the period of 1 month prior to help petitioning with regard to foreign labor; prohibits business employers from advertising simply to H-1B visa holders and cases and prohibits companies by outsourcing visa holders and cases to others.
A waiver will be provided with regard to companies that could attest they've not displaced a YOU worker, and if at all not the "labor with regard to hire" design.
It likewise provides the wages paid for to H-1B visa holders has to be the highest on the locally-determined relevant wage for that occupational classification in your neighborhood of job; the n average average wage for all workers inside the occupational classification in your neighborhood of job; or this median wage for skill level two inside the occupational classification obtained in the most up-to-date occupational job statistics questionnaire.
The bill enhances the ability on the departments associated with Labor and Homeland Security to implement worker protections by enabling random audits, and takes away burdensome specifications for commencing Department associated with Labor inspections and needs Department associated with Labor employees to express information in relation to H-1B petitions while using the US Citizenship and Immigration Products and services.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Viswa Mandalapu H-1B News - Much Cherished American Dream

Indians love for H-1B visas is never hidden notwithstanding the allegations of mistreatment meted to the Indian students pursuing in US institutions. The recent reports of increase of H-1B cap has again stirred up the interest in realizing the much cherished American dream.

A report says that US is in plans to raise the number of H-1B visas to be issued under a immigration plan which aims at removing the cap on the green card, the move would directly benefit the high skilled Indian Americans but this move in no way is going to benefit the Indian companies.

The immigration plan is believed to open up doors for highly skilled foreign workers allowed into the country and also help thousands of  students pursuing education from US institutes earn legal status be it science, technology, engineering or math’s

If every thing goes well, the passing of the plan by US congress and senate would let majority of top American technology companies including Facebook, Google to open gates for high skilled professionals into US to fill the vacuum created due to non availability of competent professionals in US.

It is needless to say that the move would directly benefit immigrants from India who already form the America’s largest source of highly skilled professionals. On the other hand some of the legislations put forth by senators might pour water on enthusiasm exuded by the Indian companies that pinned hopes on immigration reforms.

Some of the resolutions that are in pipeline ensures that H-1B employer having a workforce of more than 50 US workers may not find acceptance unless the employers confirms that less than half of the workforce are H-1B and L visa holders.

The agreement if reached could pave a way for some of the tech giants like Google, Facebook to hire highly skilled workers.